The Toy Authority Presents The Peoples Play Awards: America’s Wishlist

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The Press Release:
Roll out the red carpet, clear off the shelves in the playroom, alert Santa, The Toy Authority, a leader in toy entertainment on TikTok, powered by TTPM, the leader in the video product reviews for toys, baby and pet gear, is launching the newest toy award program: The People’s Play Awards: America’s Wishlist.

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Just in time for the 2022 Holiday Season, the People’s Play Awards will bring together top names in the toy industry – from retailers to media to analysts – to choose the finalists in over 15 categories. While the finalists are chosen by toy experts with 100+ years covering toys, the winners are chosen by the most important audience: consumers, toy fans, and influencers, giving parents and gift givers a no-fail holiday shopping list.

“For decades toy award programs have been adult driven. Kids want and need a voice and we’re excited to give that to them. The People’s Play Awards will be a fresh list that reflects what families really want and enjoy when it comes to playtime.” said Jim Silver, CEO, TTPM. “We’re also evening the playing field for all toy companies. No matter the size, there is no charge to enter our awards program. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance.”

Nominations are open now for toy companies to submit their toys. Consumers will be invited to vote in October, helping to pick the best of the best in all categories. Winners will be announced in early December with an award show broadcast on YouTube, TIkTok and Instagram, hosted by top influencers and content creators. More information can be found at

About TTPM:
TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & more) is the leading and largest video reviewer of Toys, Baby Gear, and Pet Products. Consumers can research products on TTPM’s website or YouTube Channels before buying online or purchasing in store. TTPM YouTube Toy Channel is the #1 channel viewed by parents looking to buy toys. TTPM creates video reviews for more than 3,000 products yearly in their own studio.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: This sounds interesting and as you know we just love speaking about the latest coolness from the toy industry here on “The Chronicles” and our larger website – If these awards are being held in the real, I am going to look into attending but if they are solely a video stream then I guess I will be logging in. Hopefully some of the media resources like our own are able to participate in the voting because we’ve been documenting the world of play since about 2011 now with two different sites. I’m going to check out that TikTok of theirs since I poke around on that when time permits. I don’t have any videos of my own yet and instead use the ID of “kenpiercemedia” to support all my friends efforts. Feel free to follow our connected presence there since it let’s me know who is out there and who needs to have their content supported. That’s all I have to sat about this bit of news and I wonder what you all think about it. I know the next TTPM event will be towards the end of September and I’ve expressed interest in being there. If we end up in attendance I will be posting the visuals here, there and everywhere we have a profile. That’s all for now, I will see you next time. Keep safe out there.


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