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Observations along the way in the day that I felt might be an interesting post.

Whatever Happened To Steppenwolf?

He’s apparently opened up a Production Company in NYC. Go figure.


Oh yes, so before you all ask, I totally am aware that this is not related to the legacy Heavy Rock band with the same name nor the insidious associate of DC Comics super-villain Darkseid. Figured I could avoid numerous comments about it by coming clean early on.

An Interesting Wall At Mama’s in NYC

I was in the city for a memorial function, and since I am always one that looks to make the most out of every single adventure I undertake, I always carry around some kind of camera on my person. This particular night found me first enjoying some dinner at San Loco over on Stanton Street in the LES, and yes I did make sure to add the dish to before I set into devouring it. Do please check that out. It was good.

From San Loco it was a quick decision to swing by a bar called Mama’s because a friend I had not seen in some time was working there tonight. He’s a transplanted Finnish musician named The Muff and I’ve covered his band Naked extensively on the PiercingMetal site. Based on my time frame I could easily pop in there for a beverage or two and then over to the memorial function. After some quick catching up it was time to break the seal as we gents always joke, and while I am not trying to be gross this action is paramount to the blog posting based on what I found in the Men’s room. Take a look and don’t worry its more strange than gross.

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Hungry, Hungry…….Toilets?

I realize that the title of this post was a bit strange but recently while at a restaurant and using their facilities to wash up. As one often finds in restrooms, there was a polite request to not throw paper towels or feminine products down the toilet but this one came with a really bizarre drawing. Take a look. This is one hungry looking toilet. Do you agree?


My apologies for the crappy image and wow, also very bad pun it would seem, but I didn’t have a lot of time to snare the best possible shot. I just wanted to make sure I secured something, anything that would allow me to share it with you. That is all for now, see you very soon.

Spider-Man Riding Shotgun?

It would seem that between movies, the one and only Amazing Spider-Man is helping out the lonely delivery guys of the world by riding shotgun as they make their rounds. Clearly this is a dangerous task, as its already cost the web-spinner his left arm. Don’t worry it will grow back, oh wait, that was the Lizard. Sorry my bad on that one (snicker).


Here’s a better shot of our bicycle riding super hero for those wanting a different visual. It’s not in the worst of shape outside of the missing arm of course but that was likely due to the limited flexibility of this particular figure. As you can see there are not too many points of articulation. Yes my friends I know about this stuff and geek out to the toys so please indulge me. Moving on, I did think it was cool to see this as I wandered the region around our Blogging HQ. I actually had carried a small Spider-Man ornament on a drumstick bag and have two smaller scale figures of Spidey sitting at my computer desk. It seems he and Batman are two of the most popular heroes in many people’s eyes.


Now to think on this a little bit, while I am certain that this was one of the larger scale Toy Biz Spider-Man figures, I cannot determine when it actually came out or what else was in the line. It’s probably a late 90’s figure since at the time TB was making characters with almost reckless abandon. If you know more, our comments are open for you to share with the rest of us.

I Think I Found The Batcycle In Bay Ridge……

I know that the title just had to get your attention and find you shaking your head saying “what in the world is he going on about this time”. Well, I am serious my friends, I truly think that I have discovered a clandestinely placed Batcycle. Let me explain. So the powerful Hurricane Sandy was on its way to our fair metropolis and I received a call from my friend The Beehive Hairdresser. It seemed as though he was up for a wander around the realm to see if anything struck his writing fancy before the storm hit us and since I am always game for this kind of adventure I joined along without argument. We wandered about a bit and chanced upon this next visual. Yes, a motorcyle and its sidecar. Now since one does not often see this kind of thing during the normal course of the day in 2012 I was convinced – It was the Batcycle.

Now you will of course think me crazy by saying this, and I completely understand since there are no clear “bat markings” or gadgets around it. It looks like a very normal motorcyle and sidecar but lets be honest here. If you were Batman and wanted to hide this thing, where would you do it if the Batcave was no where near you. Well you hide it in plain sight of course. Done and done.

I’m not going to say exactly where this was found but it was in the relative vicinity of the fortified headquarters of the PiercingMetal Command HQ so don’t be surprised if you live around here should you see a certain Caped Crusader zipping by on matters of justice.

That’s all I have for now my friends. Keep rocking.